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New sales channels are constantly being offered online. Digital marketplaces emerge and offer manufacturers and retailers new ways of using the reach the marketplaces provide for their own online sales – even in an international context. But actively maintaining various seller accounts not only uses up a company’s internal resources, it also requires extensive expert knowledge of the specific methods needed to achieve success in each individual marketplace. We offer you holistic account management for the largest marketplaces in the world. This includes operative management of your marketplace accounts as well as their long-term alignment with your international marketplace strategy.

You get our expertise for the setup and management of your retailer account on all relevant international marketplaces. Our marketplace experts are trained in these marketplaces and are still active sellers there to this day. They know first-hand which factors are most critical to success and can use them to put your account in the pole position. Close collaboration and a mutual understanding of marketplace strategy are essential. This allows us to work as a sounding board and executive with your best interests in mind, and with a constant eye on our shared goal: your success.


We don’t offer standard services


A strategy that will get us where we need to go

We take the reins, but always stick to your strategy. Together, we will decide on your long-term goals for marketplace usage and integration and use these to develop a clear strategy. We will determine the best account type, countries and marketplaces to achieve your strategic goals. And then we go straight to the implementation.


It’s up to you

We offer two management models, depending on the level of support you desire. The basics package has everything you need for optimal marketplace account management. This includes account setup, product setup including optimized content, on-site marketing (including search optimization and paid advertising), as well as management of the ordering process and after-sales services. The advanced package also includes individualized reports and dashboards, as well as your product range strategy and knowledge transfer.



1. Account handling

We manage the marketplace account, either in your name or your company’s name, or in our own name.

2. Seller account setup

Before we get started, we set up your account, observing all rules, and fine tune it for operative and legal regulations.

3. Product setup

We create product listings including optimized product descriptions and image defaults. Prices are managed and, with your approval, adjusted according to your goals.

4. Content optimization

Product content is revised with SEO-specific factors in mind, to achieve a better ranking result. This ensures that your products are more visible in the marketplace.

5. Managing orders/follow-up deliveries

We keep an eye on your stock and manage replenishment orders for all marketplace accounts. In addition, we keep an eye on customer orders and the operations area, so we can react as quickly as possible to process deficits.

6. Managing reviews/ratings

We take care of customer interactions. As part of review management, we react to customer ratings. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also product visibility – because ratings have an effect on ranking as well.

7. AMS Marketing

Visibility can be increased with marketing methods such as Amazon’s sponsored products. We set up the campaign and subsequently manage and optimize it.

8. Marketing activities

We also plan and carry out additional marketing activities for paid campaigns. This includes paid ads and SEA campaigns such as Amazon PPC, Amazon SEA or AAP campaigns.

9. Standard success tracking & reporting

Data is the basis for all our activities, so we establish systematic monitoring based on a clearly designed dashboard. We track all relevant KPIs and provide regular reporting.

10. Customer service support

Customer satisfaction continues even after successful order processing. At your request, we can take over marketplace-specific customer service support for you.

We are in the people business. And so, our team is our capital. We only hire experienced marketplace practitioners who know and understand the platforms inside-out. That means that we work from all across the globe. But our “core” is based in the international city of Munich – feel free to stop buy and get to know us!

Get a

Get a


(Basics Package  +)

1. Extended Reporting

In our advanced package, we offer you a more in-depth analysis and suggestions based on that analysis.

2. On-the-job training / knowledge transfer

We train a key user to become an expert and equip them with our expertise so that knowledge can be built up in-house in the long term.

3. Product range strategy

With KPI tracking and systematic observation of the products, we develop a product range strategy to expand and further optimize your product range within the marketplace.

4. Seller A+ content

The cherry on top to give your products an extra boost: we use your product data to create A+ content, sending your SEO ranking through the roof.